New Champions are Coming 1

A series of articles dedicated to Silvena Sport’s young horses, heirs of legendary stallions of Europe.

Everyone knows that a tall building needs good foundations. If you have decided to pursue a career in equestrian sports that requires careful selection of a horse that would secure a good basis. We are able to help for you for the right combination - selection of a horse to be your partner and a springboard in sport.

Our horse breeding goals refer to using the “pillars” of European horse breeding, and after a few consecutive crossings with one of best proven lines, to come closer to the quality of the PERFECT SPORT HORSE. Just to make sure we would provide you with a good quality horse, we would like to show you where our ideas of horse breeding start off. In a few consecutive articles we would like to introduce you our successes so far, as well as our future plans. We would highly appreciate if you visit our horse breeding/riding centre, which would let us exchange ideas in all aspects of our business.

Our observations in the last 30 years have led us to the following conclusions: 

1. There are no good conditions for practicing equestrian sports in Bulgaria.
2. There are few good horse riding centres
3. To run and maintain a horse riding centre is expensive and there are no many to afford this!

Therefore, first of all we should look for a healthier horse, looked after their damsire, well adopted to local weather conditions - mainly the drier climate. It would be better if she is an offspring of certain lines, which have left trace in equestrian sports. Even though they were not competing in perfect conditions, they remained healthy for a few decades. Stallions that have proven themselves, mainly for having healthy generations with less injuries and consistently good results, are not less than few, take a look at the most famous below:

Purebred stallions Garant and Miroliub
Gidran - Pegas and Sipey  
Hanoverian – Da kapo, Kadet and Aistancer.

As a basis of the leading breeds such as Oldenburg, Holsteiner and Zangersheide, representing the most famous European lines, serve around ten worldwide known stallions.

In this article, we are going to introduce you two lines that have turned to main pillars of modern horse breeding - ALME Z and COR DE LA BRYERE, as well as two other crossings of these two lines,


because even not sticking to in-depth  analysis of whole Europe, it is visible that mixing them provides excellent results. We are also going to share with you the names of a few of their Silvena Sport’s offsprings, which we hope would become horses with good potential.

ALME Z becomes more popular with his  offsprings - AHORN Z, ALEXIS Z, ACORD II, QUIDAM DE REVEL and AKHAN Z. The latter lived until last year in Bulgaria, but unfortunately passed away. He is known for his jump-off in the Los Angeles Olympics - 170 cm barrage, with no penalties, which was a great achievement!!! A beautiful offspring of that line, we are able to breed in Bulgaria, is the stallion DEMET - АPOKALIPSIS. That line horses distinguish with their exceptional jumping abilities.

The other stallion that left a singular trace in German and world breeding was COR DE LA BRYERE. He left sons, grandsons and great grandsons such as CALYPSO I and II, CORRADO I and II, CONTENDER, CHELLANO Z and many other great horses. There are a few intriguing offsprings of COR DE LA BRYERE, and the most popular are KOTRAK and CHARMED Z.
In Silvena Sport  we have offspring of both lines. From ALME Z line are Aragon-son of AKHAN Z and four other of АPOKALIPSIS – Armagedon, Ayris, Adora and Admiral. The mare Katrin, is the granddaughter of COR DE LA BRYERE

ARKA is one of our younger mares, and Aragon and Katrin are her parents.


The idea of her planning was our desire to use our horses to combine gene lines such as in the stallion SINGAPORE -

SINGAPORE is owned by the elite STAL EUROKOMMERSE stable. He is ALME Z 4th ancestral generation in his paternal line and COR DE LA BRYERE 3rd ancestral generation in his maternal line. This year ARKA turned one and only in 6 months we are going to see if she would have qualities such as SINGAPORE’s. For the time being it appears to be true!!!

Another mare of ours, who is maternally of GARANT - QUIDAM'S GIRL line was sired by QUIDAM‘S RUBIN, who was the first reason of ARKA’s planning! He is a similar combination of the same two lines i.e.ALME Z 3rd ancestral generation paternally and COR DE LA BRYERE 4th ancestral generation maternally.

QUIDAM‘S RUBIN was owned by the well known SPREHE family, he was as famous with his offsprings  as with his sire. He passed away pretty young but his semen could still be found: Even today his offsprings are among the most wanted horses in Germany!
Our third mare - Chudesna, who maternally is Gidran of Pegas is granddaughter of  the world champion CHELLANO Z- grandson of COR DE LA BRYERE, a stallion of incredible purity, who also shines with the glory of his sons and daughters! We saw her great potential even in her first jumps, and hope she would be great at the breed’s tests in the autumn!

In the next article we are going to take a look at the pedigree of АPOKALIPSIS, where besides ALME Z there is Ramirо (twice) – a stallion that was sire of hundreds of great jumpers!