New Champions are Coming 4

Another pillar of modern day horse breeding is the legend GRANNUS, a major pillar of Hanoverian Verband.

The stallion was discovered as a sire a bit later, but he has left a durable trace in the world sport having left many sons, hundreds grandsons and thousands of great grandsons. GRANNUS has 62 approved and licensed for breeding sons in different breeds associations. The most famous are GRANNENFELS, GRANNUSCH, GERVANTUS, GRANULIT, GRANNEX and GRAPHITE. However, today, most known are GREY TOP and GRAF TOP, sire and son from GRAF GRANNUS.

Hanoverians are a breed consisting of 19000 registered brood mares and over 400 stallions. That breed had a major role in establishing the other breed associations in Germany and across the world! Nowadays, one of the leading breed associations is Holsteiner Verband.
Holsteiner’s breeding secrets are many and the results are undisputable!!! Generations of horse breeders dedicated their lives in research of the best lines, and the fruit of such efforts was the legendary CAPITOL!

He and his offsprings Cassini I,Cassini II,Calato, Campesino, Carolus I and II,Carthago Z, Colino, Cento have intensified the interest towards the breed to a world level! His countless great grandsons defend his honour with dignity. In the last few years many of his offspring have become famous but the best of them all is Clarimo.

He is a stallion having the greatest jumping index ever given to a Hosteiner – 162 points. For comparison purposes, the best stallions’ indexes of the breed vary between 120 and 140 points. Only a few stallions have an index over 150 points. The energy comes from their sire CLEARWAY, who, aside from CAPITOL, also brings the genes of LADYKILLER and RAMIRO! To the benefit of all friends of modern SHOW JUMPER and Silvena Sport his son CLARISALL was bought at the end of 2012 and he is already in Bulgaria. His exact pedigree is CLARIMO-CASALL-CASSINI II-CARETINO