New Champions are Coming 12

It's time for another article dedicated to the breeding activity in Silvena Sport. The horses that are bred in the club are becoming more and more liked and desired! At the end of 2020, one of them was bought at auction in Belgium and is estimated to be ahead of the heirs of three stallions from the TOP 10 of the world rankings - Cornet Obolensky, Casall Ask and Chacco Blue!!! Auction details: In 2020, 4 foals from Clarisall (Clarimo-Casall ASK) were born in the club - three mares and a stallion. The mothers of the mares are half-sisters of VAN KILMOR - the horse with which Michel Robert jumps more and more successfully, and the mother of the stallion is from Balou du Rouet - a stallion who needs no introduction, because for the last 10 years together with his father Baloubet du Rouet almost did not come out of the TOP 10 of the WBFSH rankings! An amazing mare was born from Chacfly PS, whose father Chacco Blue has been leading the world rankings for two years. Chacfly PS remains in our breeding plans for the third year in a row, because he is one of the most talented stallions of Paul Schockemoehle. Meanwhile, Clarimo and Casall ASK are also in excellent positions in the same ranking!
Looking at the new breeding season, we will bet on three heirs of Diamant de Semilly. The most proven of these is Emerald. Since the creation of Horsetelex, it has never happened that a stallion leads in so many charts at the same time: No wonder, because his paternal brother Diarado also made a big leap! One of the mares we have identified for Emerald is Clarissa. Read details about her at this link:
Our favorite Valentino is currently the stallion with the highest heredity index in North America - 97% !!! We have a few more doses of him, which we also plan to use. Looking at the genes of the most proven stallions and their heirs, we believe that the best is yet to come!