New Champions are Coming 2

A series of articles dedicated to Silvena Sport’s young horses, heirs of legendary stallions of Europe.

In the article as of April, we introduced you two of the stallions that played major role in selection of modern sport horse, and deservedly called PILLARS of European worldwide horse breeding. They are ALME Z and COR DE LA BRYERE.
In this article we are going to provide you with insight into Silvena Sport breeding activity and our 2012 expectations.
One of the most famous successors of the legend COR DE LA BRYERE is CALIDO I.

He is known mostly with the fact that his offspings inherit his qualities 100%, which makes him exclusively wanted for breeding purposes. We used his semen to impregnate GRENADA, hoping that with a little luck in a year time we would have unique offspring. There are many proven CALIDO I’s sons and daughters in the big sport, such as Calanthano, Caleri, Calido Ass, Calmo, Candyman, Cantino, Cerutti, Cervantes, Chalet, Chapot Charakter, Charisma, Conquest of Paradies, Cormint, Coster, Counter, Count Basie and Crelido. One of the most impressive ones is Coupe de Couer, 2010 stallion in Germany, and officially sold by Rene Tebel to Beerbaum, but that is not of importance, just take a look at his qualities in the following three videos below:, and
In 2011 selection for Katrin we again chose a stallion, originating from ALME Z line, however, this time not from the club’s stable, but from the famous Аcodetto is the son of one of most prospective stallions from the early 21th century - ACORADO I – also from the ALME Z line, however, here, maternally there are links to two other worldwide known stallions -  CONTENDER and LORD.

Exclusively beautiful, impressive by his exterior, flawless, mark 10 in free jump, he cannot remain unnoticed, he just make viewers gasp and take a bow before the efforts of generation of breeders to attain such results!!! Bouquet of worldwide known sires in his pedigree secure good results. Thus, hopefully, the unborn brother or sister of our ARKA would become greater competition horse than her! ACODETTO started his breeding activity yet at the age of 3, and is mostly admired in Italy. In today’s article we are going to introduce you two more stallions of those ten being the basis modern elite horse breeding. They are VOLTAIRE and ARGENTINUS.

VOLTAIRE is the most famous son of Furiozo II, while Аrgentinus is the most proven son of Аrgentan and the youngest millionaire. His offsprings have made over EUR 1,5 million. Both stallions have many wonderful offsprings, but the thing that is common is theirs’ offsprings multifunctionality. They are equally suitable for dressage and showjumping. Here is a link to show you the legend АRGENTINUS:
One of the most proven sons of Аrgentinus is АRCO III - 2005 and 2006 FEI’s stallion, while VOLTAIRE’s CONCORDE is in the leading places of many rankings for most preferred breeding stallions. One of the most successful horse breeding farms, where there is still semen of VOLTAIRE and of his son CONCORDE is: Breeders from horse breeding farms all over the Netherlands adore VOLTAIRE, in that country he has hundreds of offsprings. His offsprings have inherited his power and balanced nature.
Our club already has two offsprings of VOLTAIRE. They are Venera Miloska and Val Kilmar. Here is a website having information on their father VALENTINO’s qualities:
Val Kilmar is no longer a stallion and we are planning  him for concours hippique discipline, while for Venera, before entering the sport, we want her to become a mother first.
In Bulgaria there is chance to have offsprings from the line of gorgeous АRGENTAN, namely LORD ARGENTINUS. 

The latter is owned by Hristo Kirov - and currently the most distinguished stallion in Bulgaria, owned by a Bulgarian. 
Because in this article we provide insight on our club’s selection plans we will conclude with what we have decided for the mare Galeria. Following she gave birth to an incredible foal sired by Apokalipsis-Armagedon, in 2012 we expect an offspring by gorgeous CONTEFINO.

Here is a video that speaks for itself why we decided her offspring to be sired by that stallion: In his veins, sire and damsire, there is blood from COR DE LA BRYERE, but there is one more benefit, as in LORD ARGENTINUS  - he is successor of Lord-Ladykiller xx - another line we are going to introduce to you in the next article. Detailed information on our horse breeding activity may be found in breeding section on our website: