New Champions are Coming 11

It's time for another article dedicated to the selection in Riding Club Silvena Sport! After informing you in the previous ones about the genes that have consistently flowed into the blood of breeding mares, today we will comment on why the blood does not become water! According to those informed by our equestrian community, they already know that the first two heirs of A'Khan Z went to England and Denmark:
Adrenalin II:
Ariana Gold:
Padraig McCarthy himself, who recently finished 8th in Badminton and 2nd at the World Equestrian Games in North Carolina USA, is interested in his third successor, Agentura!
More important, however, is the fact that some of the best genes on the planet continue to be poured into the club! In the ranking of WBFSH for 2017. at the top are Chacco Blue and Diamant de Semilly. Although indirectly, their genes are already in the unborn club horses from 2019 :

Most important, however, is the fact that after Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and Christian Ahlmann stood at the top of the world with their stallions Casall Ask and Taloubet Z at the end of 2016 and won unbeatably in their last starts, they continued to compete with their successors:
And they really jump just as phenomenally as their world-proven fathers:
Crunch (Clarimo Ask):
Oak Grove’s Carlyle (Casall)
Take a Chance on Me Z (Taloubet Z)
In the end we will emphasize that the two highest paid stallions at 2.5 years of age in the history of Holsteiner Verband - Cascadello I and Cascadello II are a mix of the genes of Casall Ask and CLEARWAY, which are in the genealogy of Clarisall, but in a mirror version. We even think that since Clarisall's mother is from Casall Ask, this brings the stallion an advantage over the above, because the mother's gene is usually passed on at an average of 66%! That is why next year we expect 4 horses from Clarisall! In anticipation of next year, we are sure that many years of efforts will give impressive results, and they will be a consequence of the constant pursuit of the best! In conclusion, we will end with a folk wisdom with which we started the article: - "Blood does not become water"!!!