New Champions are Coming 9

In the beginning of 2016 we are going to immerse yourselves again in the topic of Silvena Sport’s horse breeding and share with you why and which stallions we are going to work with this season. In the course of last year DIAMANT DE SEMILLY moved to the top, from third to first place, on the of best stallion ranking, having achieved best score from his offspring. A progress could also be observed in BALOU DU ROUET, CASALL АSK and CHACCO-BLUE. However, in the most stable position in top ten remains KANNAN, CORNET OBOLENSKY and FOR PLEASURE!

WBFSH Top 10 Show Jumping Sire Ranking Sire rankings 2014

1 (2) KANNAN - 14,130
2 (6) CORNET OBOLENSKY - 13,508
3 (5) DIAMANT DE SEMILLY - 10,882
4 (1) BALOUBET DE ROUET - 9,834
5 (12) FOR PLEASURE - 8,525
6 (4) HEARTBREAKER - 8,420
7 (28) CARDENTO - 7,149
8 (10) CONTENDRO I - 6,947
9 (13) INDOCTRO - 6,542
10 (17) QUIDAM DE REVEL - 6,189

WBFSH Top 10 Show Jumping Sire Ranking Sire rankings 2015

1 (3) DIAMANT DE SEMILLY - 16527
2 (1) KANNAN - 15618
3 (2) CORNET OBOLENSKY - 15090
4 (5) FOR PLEASURE - 13132
5 (4) BALOUBET DU ROUET - 9690
6 (6) HEARTBREAKER - 9499
7 (24) BALOU DU ROUET - 9235
9 (14) CASALL - 8195
10 (35) CHACCO-BLUE - 7956

Last year we had impregnated three mares out of 15 attempts, but for the new season our eyes look again towards the top. KANNAN’s semen is to be used for VENERA MILOSKA, because her grand sire’s pedigree as well as in KANNAN’s one gather the genes of two great stallionsVOLTAIRE and NIMMERDOR.

Our second step is impregnate A’KHAN Z’s daughter ARKA by our CLARISALL (CLARIMO Ask X CASALL Ask). The third mare we are planning to impregnate is ACODETTA. Last year she made us happy by winning the first place in 2015 Tests! Her first foal’s father is going to be a young Dutch horse GRAND SLAM, a son of CARDENTO – having won silver medal in Athens Olympics:

The fourth mare we are planning to impregnate by the same stallion is KALIGRAFIA.  Maternally, she is a sister of CONTEFINO GRANDE, who became the champion in last year’s 2015 Tests and became favourite of the audience, while her father CALIDO I is one of the most desired sires worldwide, whose son COUPE DE COUER is a triple champion of Germany! We also have an option to impregnate her by CONTENDRO I, he is on the first place (before CALIDO I) in HANNOVERANER VERBAND’s ranking. Our fifth step would be again with SPARTACUS TN, we have one semen dose of him left. For that purpose we have envisaged DIAGRAMA. She gave birth to one of our most beautiful stallions so far – ADRENALIN II. If impregnation fails, we have an option to impregnate her by COMILFO PLUS Z! For that stallion may be said a lot, but the names in his pedigree I would mention speak for themselves about his qualities! His sire is offspring of CORNET OBOLENSKY X RATINA Z, while BALOU DU ROUET is the father of his dam! The last mare to impregnate is AGENTURA, who expects her firs foal sired by GRAND SLAM this year.   As a sire for her foal we have selected a young stallion from Christian Ahlmann’s stable - SIR OBOLENSKY Z! He a combination between HANNOVERANER VERBAND’s 2015 stallion of the year – STAKKATO GOLD and CORNET OBOLENSKY,  who sired his dam. Well, everything is in our hands ..., lots of work, some luck and God blessing we will have results next year! Silvena Sport horses’ qualities are getting higher, so well-known riders are expecting our new offspring! In the beginning of 2016 the first rider who wished us success was ROLF GORAN BENGTSSON, who rides CLARIMO Ask and CASALL Ask!