New Champions are Coming 8

Today, you are reading the next article of the set of articles that have paved the road to creating more and more modern jumping horses in Bulgaria, informing equestrian society on the new trends in horse breeding in Europe and around the world …
In 2008, when I wrote the first article of the series, in my capacity of the owner of Silvena Sport Horse Riding Centre, I motivated one of my first steps in selecting club’s horses by giving an example with mare АRKA (ARAGON-KOTRAK-TIGAR-KAJUS XX) in which, along with the best lines in Bulgaria, combined two other lines of stallions embedding modern day sport horse - ALME Z and COR DE LA BRYERE. In order to avoid repeating myself, just click on the link below: 
Further, in order to improve my Bulgarian mares’ genes and produce better offspring, the next stallions I chose I had wanted to find all in one  - energy, flexibility and intelligence. Hence, the result of the many analyses, research and sleepless nights has been better offspring!
This year’s champion of 2014 National Tests was АCODETTA (ACODETTO-КОТRАК-TIGAR-KAJUS XX) and that was the logical proof that there has been a development, and the title of the series of articles is underlying my expectations for CHAMPIONS. Following her complex mark is above the CLARISALL’s mark (CLARIMO-CASALL-CASSINI II-CARETINO), who I consider as a world level peak in horse breeding, I can simply say that the best is to come! All horse breeders know the fact that a few fundamental lines are the basis of the modern day jumping horse, and therefore I am going to draw your attention to one the most sought stallions in the world! KANNAN is a product of the most sought horse breeding genes in Europe and around the world, and names such as VOLTAIRE,  FURIOSO,NIMMERDOR,GOTTHARD,FARN, LE MEXICO are known to every horses geek! KANNAN was on the top of 2014 WBFSH’s ranking,  and that was one the reasons to plan purchasing  exactly his semen at the end of January, 2015! For those who have never watched him, please click on the link below:
And this is the ranking itself:

WBFSH Top 10 Show Jumping Sire Ranking
Sire rankings 2014

1 (2) KANNAN - 14,130
2 (6) CORNET OBOLENSKY - 13,508
3 (5) DIAMANT DE SEMILLY - 10,882
4 (1) BALOUBET DE ROUET - 9,834
5 (12) FOR PLEASURE - 8,525
6 (4) HEARTBREAKER - 8,420
7 (28) CARDENTO - 7,149
8 (10) CONTENDRO I - 6,947
9 (13) INDOCTRO - 6,542
10 (17) QUIDAM DE REVEL - 6,189

The ranking in brackets refers to the previous year, while figures represent the index of points of stallions’ offspring ranking. Talking about KANNAN, it is necessary to say that in the big sport he has had hundreds of proven offspring, but the most famous among the others is the last Olympic champion Nino des Buissonnets under the saddle of Steve Guerdat. Please, check the videos below: 

Venera Miloska is the mare we are planning to impregnate by KANNAN. She, paternally, has  VOLTAIRE and NIMMERDOR blood, and here is a link to her profile:  
Another genes combination we are planning to realize is ALME Z with COR DE LA BRIERE, whose genes contain in АRKA with STAKKATO, and GRANNUS, who has SPARTACUS’ blood:

The third stallion we are going to use in 2015, besides SPARTACUS and KANNAN, is a young and still inexperienced son of CARDENTO – seventh in the ranking above, but the whole the Netherland knows that no other stallion has had higher marks in jump tests under saddle. In such tests marks are doubled! He had mark 9 for skills, and 9.5 for reflex and technique!!! Besides his exceptional sire, he has blood of three legendary stallions - Nimmerdor, Heartbreaker and Mr. Blue, maternally.

Future will show the results, but one thing is for certain, if one aims the best the results are just facts!

Krasimir Iskarov